for process cooling

Liquid chillers cooling range from 79 kW to 865 kW serie AQUACOOL models VC and VCV are the lates technology units dedicated for process cooling. Main features are: high energy efficiency ratio, multistage capacity regulation, silent work and ultra low refrigerant charge. It have been achieved thanks to high class scroll and screw compressors, last generation of condenser fans and best in the market heat exchangers. We offer different versions selected according to customer needs with varied accesories and options.

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Self-supporting frame made of galvanized steel and protected with polyester powder paint.


Scroll compressors with an oil sight glass and electronic protection with thermistors in motor wiring within VC units. Refrigerant - R410A. Compact screw compressors with an integral oil separator and stepless system of capacity control in VCV units. Refrigerant - R134A.


Brazed plate heat exchanger (dual-circuit) in VC units. Dual circuit shell&tube evaporators in VCV units. Evaporators are insulated with flexible close - cells lining. A differential pressure switch installed for added safety in a case of no water flow.


Heat exchangers - aluminium microchannel block with a very small internal volume. Coils are mounted in a V shape position within a robust structure and connected according to the need of refrigeration circuits.

Fans - the latest technology AC axial fans with thermal overload protection and speed control by means of electronic voltage regulator, IP54.

Refrigeration circuit

Each unit has two independent refrigeration circuits (except of models VC 90 - 180). Each circuit is equipped with filter drier, sight glass, electronic expansionn valve, service valves. Protection devices - high pressure switch, low, pressure switch, anti-freeze protection.

Electric box

Resistant to atmospheric conditions, protection class IP 54. Main components: emergency switch, main fuses, contactors of the compressors, contactors and fuses of the fans, auxiliary transformer and microprocessor controller. Modbus communication in standard.

Hydraulic module P/2P, PH/2PH

Basic hydraulic kit includes single pump - P or double pump - 2P (the other pump is a stand-by one), expansion vessel, pressure gauge, safety valve, shut-off valve. PH - pump with higher head pressure. Piping is insulated.

Hydraulic module ZP/Z2P, ZPH/Z2PH

Version with a basic hydraulic kit P/2P and an insulated inertial storage tank; available for VC series units.

Optional equipment


E - EC fans
I - Inverter for fan speed control
C - Real time clock card
M - HP/LP pressure gauges
A - Anty-vibration mounts
O - Heat recovery (partial)
B - Side protection panels
P - Remote monitoring module
T - Shell&tube evaporators (for VC units)
X - Other