In relation to the coming Chillventa exhibitions , where our company will present a prototype of chiller with FREE COOLING we would like to get attention of all interested customers how important for company are ecological solutions. PPH COOL puts big stress to production and development of chillers taking into account up dated European regulations allowing for introduction to the market like ErP and F-gas directives. The manufacturer today must keep up with updates of directives and has also to anticipate following ones because chillers concepts have to be ready for next modifications. In general, a high tech chiller that meets current and future requirements can be named boldly ‘’Eco –chiller” – what does it mean in practice and what basic features such chiller should exhibit ? With great certainty we can specify following features:

  • low energy consumption
  • harmless to the environment
  • possibility of energy recovery
  • the possibility of using the environment potential

The most attractive version of the device that COOL will introduce to the offer in the near future is a series of VCGF chillers, which will be ahead of current standards and have all of the above features. This was achieved thanks to the application of following ideas and components:

  • optimal components selection
  • inverter driven compressors
  • EC fans
  • Electronic expansion valves
  • Built – in FREE COOLING section
  • Refrigerant R290
  • Focus on low noise level
  • available option: heat recovery

The devices are designed based on components manufactured by top-shelf manufacturers. The production plant is preparing to introduce new models for production and at the same time increases the quality standards. In subsequent messages we will inform you when a new line of devices will be ready for sale.