Who We are today

Own brand, own strength and clear direction. Dear customers ! Here we want to share with you what COOL is today, how it has changed in some areas, what it has to offer and what it is guided by in its current and future operations.

PPH COOL is a Polish private enterprise that has been in existence for over 40 years and currently focuses on two main types of activity, i.e. the construction of complete cooling and air-conditioning installations and the production of devices.

Today, PPH COOL is one of the largest Polish manufacturers of chillers, condensing units and compressor packs, many of which go to users in countries around the world. The most important thing to emphasize is the fact that the company is a leader in the production and sale of propane chillers, i.e. with R290. For many years, the company has been cooperating with the most famous manufacturers - suppliers of components in Europe and has a very wide base of them, thanks to which it copes well with any negative economic phenomena caused by a pandemic in the form of, for example, product shortages.

COOL is also an OEM manufacturer producing refrigeration equipment for other brands, which is perceived by the company's management as one of the incentives to improve the quality of all products thanks to close cooperation with the ordering party with specific requirements. The visible result of such cooperation is obtaining the ETL certificate by the plant, confirming the fulfillment of the requirements of safety standards adopted in North America for a specific range of products, which significantly improves the competitiveness on this market. The company's offer includes many various complementary goods, necessary in refrigeration and air conditioning, e.g. fan coolers, condensers, STEFANI dry coolers and many others. The offer also includes precision air conditioning systems, home air conditioners and fan coil units.

Over the years, the company has tried to follow various development paths, tried its strength in the production of its own heat pumps and concluded distribution agreements for air conditioning products of other brands. In the last five years, the company's strategy and directions of activities have been revised. The company's advantages in the market have been redefined and a lot of attention has been paid to long-term market trends affecting the HVACR industry. The company also asked itself the question of how it wants to be perceived on the market.

The company's strength lies in its own staff of design engineers and its own plant as well as the nationwide range of the sales department, whose core of employees has extensive experience. The trends adopted as a guideline for the company's development are ecology promoting cooling solutions and devices that save electricity, using ecological refrigerants. The company put an end to projects that unnecessarily burdened it and did not promise profits in a specific future, at the same time dispersing intellectual resources. At the same time, commercial cooperation with producers and suppliers of air-conditioning equipment was maintained to the extent necessary for PPH COOL, which it does not produce itself.

The reorganization had some very important positive results:

  • financial results improved
  • the company has grown into a leader in Poland in the technology of propane chillers
  • launched the production of the first CO2 devices
  • strengthened the OEM production branch
  • increased exports

Our own modern factory products and the aforementioned wide range of goods laid the foundation for becoming a serious competitor among contractors of complete installations including design, execution, commissioning and, what is important, warranty and post-warranty service. Service department is undoubtedly an important element of the company's entire strategy in achieving the goals of the main directions of the company's activity. Without the service, every self-respecting production company has no place.

This department benefits from activities in several areas:

  • safe operation of installations and devices at the customer’s premises by ensuring a professional commissioning, warranty and post-warranty service
  • evaluation of own products, modification conclusions
  • acquiring new customers and orders thanks to cyclical contacts with customers and listening to their needs

The company conducts internal consultations, in which the voice of the website is of great importance. Thanks to our service technicians, many minor and major changes have been introduced, which translate into improved quality and functionality. Here are just a few of the activities:

  • quality improvement through new procedures from the stage of ordering components, receipt of goods, improvement of production processes and quality control
  • modernization of test stands
  • optimization of electrical cabinets projects
  • improved component selection
  • improvement and completion of technical documentation
  • a number of other small innovations

A joint effort of all departments, including the commercial one, was developed and a decision was made to introduce the NET Package option as part of the standard equipment of chillers from 2019. This applies to AQUACOOL and AQUACOOL GREEN (R290) devices equipped with Danfoss MCX controllers. NET Package is a wireless monitoring module using GSM technology, which turned out to be a bull's eye. The package significantly improves the functionality of the devices and increases the efficiency and speed of the service, gives the possibility of proper preparation for repair in the event of the necessity to come to the place of operation of the device. It also brings savings due to restrictions on unjustified departures of the service, and also enables:

  • quick diagnosis
  • correction of random settings errors made by the client
  • access to the alarm history and the possibility of analyzing the causespossible failures
  • planning preventive actions as a result of observation operating parameters (e.g.maintenance, cleaning of condensers etc.)
  • optimization of settings
  • device reset and restoration after stoppages due to non-critical events

The described example describes the company's approach to customer satisfaction from the beginning of the investment to the subsequent operation of the installed system. As you can see, all critical directions of the company's activities overlap and will be maintained. Work is currently underway on the development of a line of chillers with the FREE COOLING option, which should soon be available for sale in a wide range of capacities. Currently, PPH COOL has the ability to implement a refrigeration system across the entire spectrum of investment needs, from high-temperature precision air-conditioning projects to deep-freeze installation concepts. To sum up: the company wants to be seen as a reliable supplier of ecological solutions for refrigeration and air conditioning. COOL wants to be "cool".

The only cause for concern is the current economic situation, i.e. inflation, uncertainty in the development of investments, poorer availability of materials and components, and all negative phenomena caused by the war in Ukraine.