Our company traditionally doesn’t avoid designing and manufacturing of special refrigeration equipment according to individual customer requirements. One such example is a chiller model SWG SEMIR 70 designed according to all conditions given by customer. The chiller has about 70 kW of refrigeration capacity ( for designed conditions ) and is dedicated for glycol cooling circuits . Complete installation assures temperature control for mobile medical clinic containing special medical equipment and staff rooms.

The customer set following conditions for concept of the chiller:

  • Limited dimensions
  • Ecological refrigerant
  • Integrated hydraulic kit with buffer tank and pumps set for glycol loops
  • Minimum weight limit
  • Local monitoring system compatibility

The frame of the chiller was designed from the beginning to achieve required dimensions. There was applied refrigerant R290 ( propane ) which has no negative impact for environment. Our company has big experience with propane chillers so this refrigerant was for our designers a first choice among other gases. In refrigerant circuits we used reliable semi-hermetic Frascold compressors . The hydraulic kit installed in chiller frame contains: primary and secondary cycle, buffer tank , primary pump , pumps in secondary circuit delivering cold glycol mixture to technical equipment ( like magnetic resonance ) and for air conditioning. Additionally all pumps are equipped with inverter modules as heat load of each glycol loop is veriable. Condenser section contains microchannel exchanger which is a lighter than fin – copper one gives opportunity to decrease amount of refrigerant.

Together with the chiller PPH COOL added to complete installation remote control panel CAREL PGDT used for local monitoring of all units working in the installation.

The chiller described above has come to foreign customer . Our company has manufactured more similar models with different options and accessories also to Polish customers .