After the Chillventa Exhibition

Our company at this year's edition of Chillventa presented itself as a supplier of ecological chillers with factor R290.

Our stand undoubtedly stood out with elegance, in the color of white and black with motifs in gold. The trade fair motto, which was to underline our character of our offer, was PROPANE IS THE NEW GOLD. The slogan was supposed to reflect material and immaterial values, it was not only about paying attention to savings resulting from the use of a refrigerant that is not subject to air emissions or the obvious benefits of FREE COOLING but also to a minimized impact on the environment.

The offer of our products met with great interest. Ecological factors in western countries are very desirable due to the high awareness of the regulations related to the F-gas act and generally understood ecology.

Our device presented at the fair additionally equipped with FREE COOLING was especially interesting for visitors. The presented model was also distinguished by its quality: it can be said that it was the result of many years of cooperation with such well-known manufacturers of components for refrigeration and air conditioning as Copeland, Danfoss or Thermokey, whose compressors, controllers and exchangers were used to assemble our machine.

In addition to potential customers with advanced knowledge about propane, we were also visited by representatives of companies that cooperate with the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry, eg companies from welding technology and brazing, who consulted us about the technology of assembling devices containing propane, R290 suppliers and others. All this indicates that the direction of development of AQUACOOL GREEN devices that we have set out for ourselves is right and the demand for such devices will grow.

We definitely consider the Chillventa 2018 Fair to be successful, we have also made sure that we are able to be at the forefront of producers keeping up with the new trends.