We meet individual customer requirements

One of the strengths of our company is the ability to design and manufacture devices tailored to the individual requirements of customers. According to the engineering art, the company made many different versions of chillers taking into account the needs of the ordering party. Modifications of the devices concerned various features: from external dimensions, through the type of control system and configuration of the refrigeration system to various types of additional equipment. Below are some examples of our possibilities.

First example:
the customer requested a chiller in the "mobile" version, i.e. he wanted to be able to easily move the chiller in a large industrial plant due to the need for periodic local support of individual indirect cooling systems. The standard device was mounted in an additional spatial frame designed for vertical transport purposes.

Example two:
due to the object conditions, it was necessary to reduce a height of the standard chiller water with a cooling power of approx. 400 kW. Our designers had to re-design the refrigeration systems to reduce of the entire compressor section. The works brought the desired effect and in a particular model, the device was brought down to the required height.

Example three:
the client requested two air-cooled chillers to be installed in a special ventilated room. Due to limited available space and limitations caused by the existing hydraulic installation, the devices had to be placed shorter sideways close to each other. The problem that had to be solved was to provide service access to compressors in both devices on the same side. To achieve this, it was necessary to redesign one of the devices and specifically to perform a mirror project of the standard version, which was also successfully completed.

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