PPH COOL has been using the Danfoss MCX series controller for at least half a year as a standard control center of AQUACOOL series compact chillers manufactured at factory in Chotomów.\

Practically all models, regardless of the type of refrigerant used, with scroll, piston and screw compressors are equipped with this controller. Danfoss product has a number of advantages that decided about its use The controller has a large number of digital and analog inputs and outputs which gives the possibility of using in devices with different number of cooling circuits and in different versions: eg with the use of inverter drives, with the use of pressure transmitters, etc. Essential in chillers is the selection of a measuring point to control the entire device. The MCX and the software used in it have a refined control algorithm according to the outlet liquid temperature. Such control logic is of particular importance for the version of the devices with inverter compressors.

The controller is mounted on a DIN rail and the optional LCD graphic display from COOL is used as a standard integrated with the controller module itself and, where necessary, it is installed on the door of the power supply and control cabinet. MCX in the proper version can directly control one or two electronic expansion valves. The controllers have many additional functions such as Modbus communication, real-time clock, etc ..