As part of the annual training program in our company designed for the sales department in the autumn session, we updated the knowledge and improved the handling of sales tools. Cyclic training is primarily aimed at improving the qualifications of our people and the exchange of experience between sales engineers from different regions of the country. This training is also a great opportunity to meet with production managers and hold discussions about COOL company products.

Our construction team actively participated in the training, which answered the sales engineers' questions regarding technical details of COOL products as well as broader issues such as the operation of modern hydraulic systems. The situation of refrigerants, their application and legislative changes was widely discussed. One of the most important points of the training was a block dedicated to Schneider Electric devices, which our partners from Schneider carried out with us. The distribution of close control air-conditioning equipment of the SE brand is constantly evolving and the partnership is tightening. Colleagues from SE conducted a review of current products as part of the training, presented new products and organized training workshops on selection programs in which our salespeople actively worked. The participants of the training and COOL management express satisfaction with the growing cooperation also in the field of technical and commercial support from Schneider Electric and both sides foretell a good future and development.

During the training surprises took place: at the end of the part devoted to Schneider, colleagues from the SE rewarded the gift of the person most carefully involved in the training and, in part, COOL training took place a classic quiz with acquired knowledge!

So colleagues, engineers - be vigilant ! Knowledge is the key to customer satisfaction!