The most interesting installation of 2020

This year, our company has made an interesting freezing installation for a fruit concentrate production plant AUSTRIA JUICE Poland Sp. z o.o. in Chełm. The installation was designed from the basics and was part of the modernization of the plant and its task is to maintain the storage temperature of products in the chambers at a temperature of -20°C.

The installation is an indirect cooling system where the source of cooling are 4 AQUACOOL GREEN VCG260 LTH O chillers with an ecological refrigerant R290 with a total cooling capacity of 400 kW designed to cool the medium to a temperature of -28°C. The cooling medium in hydraulic circuits is an aqueous solution of potassium formate (harmless to the environment), characterized by low viscosity and high thermal conductivity.

AQUACOOL GREEN units are equipped with a heat recovery option, which is used for defrosting coolers in the chambers. The defrost circuit is implemented in a separate glycol hydraulic circuit and the heat recovered in the units fully covers the defrosting demand, significantly contributing to the savings in energy consumption by the system.

We invite you to watch the first part of the film about this investment: Inwestycja Austria Juice w Chełmie