COOL Sp. z o.o. is an entity related to PPH COOL, which is the company's distributor. The company provides sales services to OEM customers and distributes a specific series of refrigeration devices. In recent years, it has been recognized as an entity in the group of the fastest growing in the last 3 years, which is a result a definitely growing number and value of chillers ordered by the company at the PPH COOL plant in Chotomów. The company won the FORBES DIAMONDS 2022 ranking, which we are proud of.

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For years, the Forbes Diamonds report has indicated the fastest-growing Polish companies. The list includes companies that increased their value the fastest in the last three years. In addition, in order to be included on the list, the company must meet a number of requirements, including have a positive creditworthiness and cooperation risk rating, have high current liquidity and record continuous valuation growth. Forbes Diamonds 2022 show that despite the pandemic, more and more entities manage to meet the strict criteria. This year's Forbes Diamond List is unique in every respect. For the first time in its history, the number of candidates for the Diamond title was "teen" thousands. After the necessary verifications, almost 7,000 entities were included in the list. Each of them deserves a separate, individual, sincere congratulations - comments Paweł Zielewski, editor-in-chief of Forbes.

Year on year, the number of companies in the Forbes Diamonds ranking increased by 57%, ie from 4,218 to 6,636. The number of small companies grew the fastest, ie with a turnover of PLN 5 to 50 million. This proves that you don't have to be a great player to not only resist the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic, but also turn them into success. Most companies from the Forbes Diamonds 2022 list have their headquarters in Masovia (1,433) and Greater Poland (878). The smallest number of diamonds can be found in the Opole region (123) and in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship (130). With a view to honoring the regional leaders of the ranking, the editorial team of Forbes will organize a series of Forbes Diamonds Gala, which will be held from April to July 2022 throughout Poland.

The Diamond Ranking shows the strength and creativity of Polish companies. Companies are constantly looking for new solutions and raising their businesses to the next higher levels, which is a source of inspiration for us - says Ewa Łuniewska, Vice President of the Management Board of ING Bank Śląski, which is a strategic partner of Forbes Diamonds. - In today's world, flexibility of operation and access to financing is an important factor of success in business. The role of banks is to support companies and provide them with conditions for development. ING offers various types of financing, adding to it digital solutions that make running your business easier. In this way, we want banking matters to be as little absorbing as possible, and the company's attention to be focused on action - he adds. The Forbes Diamonds 2022 report was prepared by the editors of the Forbes magazine and the Dun & Bradstreet Poland business intelligence agency. It includes companies that have increased their value the fastest in the last three years. Dun & Bradstreet Poland analysts valued the companies using the Swiss method, combining the property and income method. The value of enterprises is the weighted average of their assets and income value. The assets of the companies were valued on the basis of the arithmetic mean of its liquidation value and the net book value of the company, which corresponds to the amount of the company's equity less intangible assets. Income value is the average of the profits from 2016–2020. The valuation does not take into account the value of commercial brands and applies to the end of 2020.