Increase in sales of propane chillers

The company notes a continuous increase in interest in R290 chillers, which is confirmed by a greater number of orders. The policy of reducing CO2 emissions, consistently implemented by the European Commission and the growing environmental awareness among investors, results in a greater demand for cooling devices with low GWP factors.

Our offer of AQUACOOL GREEN chillers is an example of a serious approach to the use of natural agents, especially in refrigeration, and the correct assessment of the effects of the entry into force of the F-gas and Ecodesign directives. In difficult times for the economy caused by the pandemic, pro-ecological solutions are still rightly pushed and, as it turns out in many cases, they are the foundation for survival and even development for companies. We note that from quarter to quarter, less and less effort is required to convince the investor of the advantages of using R290 in a cooling device as well as other natural refrigerants. We can confidently say that refrigeration solutions with the use of a natural refrigerant are almost not a trend anymore, but a standard. As a Polish manufacturer of propane devices, we observe so much interest that the company's main concern at the moment is how to cope with the timely execution of orders. This happens in the jubilee year for the company, which has an additional symbolic dimension.

Please contact our local offices for an offer.